Report Management

Connect your details with our reporting software from any data source for research & confirming. Information sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically. Our software can be used across various functional areas and by a variety of users for their work and statistics needs.

Understand how you can synchronize or collect data from your report management software and apps into highly effective software & research. Know how the software of the company works and is a superior business intelligence tool when compared to spreadsheet applications. Get further ideas into the revenue pipeline, monitor key revenue statistics, forecast the revenue, and optimize the revenue procedure.

Extract the most out of your reporting software. Make ad-hoc promotion reports and dashboards to monitor your critical online promotion statistics suing our ideas. Achieve greater exposure on your economic data. Track the vital economic statistics and stay on top of your cash flow. Get a 360° view of your project management software data. Make informative reports and dashboards using the highly effective confirming options of the software.

Perform further statistics and transform your employment data into valuable ideas and optimize your employment procedure. Slice and dice your reporting software data the way you want. Make informed decisions and gain ideas into your customer care activity.

Evaluate your company information present in your applications. Draw out key ideas and take advised choices. Jump-start your IT support table statistics with 80+ pre-packaged reviews. Encourage yourself with the software that help you to improve your IT functions.

For reporting software looking for a confirming treatment for be incorporated within their product/service, we provide a complete white brand remedy. If your company uses Search engines Apps, you now have access to a full-fledged company intellect remedy, from within Search engines Apps.

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