One- of –a-kind Dashboard with plenty of exciting features that can help managers in more than just a few ways. Managing employees so as their activities was never too easy before the Smart Manager came into existence. Take a look at exciting features:

Employee Management

With more and more employees in the team, management becomes a difficult task. In addition, troublesome situations can take place if managers miss out the activities and tracking of employees in a certain way. With the help of Smart Manager, no matter how many employees you have in your team, managing them will become easier and everything will be right on your smartphone screen.
Smart Manager allows to get the desired control on almost all the activities performed by employees and hence, this is exactly what Managers need to manage different kinds of managerial activities in their organization.
By using employee management software, your workplace can function with enhanced functionality and increase the performances of the staffs. In this software for employee management you get many benefits like it enhances the security at your workplace. One of the primary features of this application is time monitoring of staffs. We at Smart manager offer you the best employee management software.

Activity Management

This is something that is very exciting. Now, managers can make employees work under their control from anywhere. All you need is smartphone with internet connection and managing all the activities of your organization and by the employees can be managed properly. Managers can assign and track each and every activity with the respective employee responsible to get the assigned tasks done.
In addition to this, managers can mark the activities complete once they are done, pending and other options as per the convenience. You will have the information about even the smallest activity and that's what you need to manage things efficiently.
Activity management software is also very versatile when it comes to applying out to your business procedures and tracks the staffs’ activity. It is helped to do the daily task management using task management software. Task status monitoring is versatile and can be easily tailored to the working structure of any organization. Some people might think that it is only for big taken companies, but the facts is any organization that needs the process of tracking, needs task status monitoring software.

Performance Monitoring

Performance measurement is a crucial part and there are various ways to judge the effectiveness and performance of any employee in the organization. Their appraisals, promotions and other decisions are important for organization as well as for the employees. Smart Manager allows you to track performance of each employee of various aspects including time consumed in performing the activities, customer satisfaction levels and others.
You can check out the graphical representations of employees on different basis so that you have the exact data in your hand. Nothing makes performance monitoring easier than Smart Manager.
Business performance management software is the ones accountable to track staff's efficiency. performance management software is helped to view employee, organization and department performance with the help of performance monitoring software.

Location Tracking

Yet another exciting feature of Smart Manager mobile app is that it allows managers to track the location of employees. Especially beneficial for the organizations that are more focused on door to door marketing and to whom, knowing where the employees are is must. This is where Smart Manager can prove to be a blessing. Managers can make use of every minute in a way when they want to know where the employees have been throughout the day.
Exceptions are always there and if you have a few employees that are mischievous when they are supposed to be at work, Smart manager will track them and leave the rest up to you.
Some location tracker software and methods can be applied by the cellular and mobile service agency for any software process, while others require fitting some application on the phone itself. This helps to View the employee's location using employee location software.


Communication is the key on almost every step of process and this is the reason why, Smart Manager is equipped with all the necessary communication methods such as messaging function. Keeping in mind the importance of proper communication between managers and employees, Smart Manager has come up with user friendly messaging feature.
Messages can be sent both the ways such as to the individual employee for any kind of discussion or to many as a group targeting a specific activity.

Report Generation

No more paperwork is required to prepare report of different kinds. Smart Manager is smart enough to take manager out of the headache of report generation. This feature allows manager to know what reports have to say on different activities in the organization and at the same time, these reports can prove to be helpful in decision making.
Report management software is a type of program that allows companies of all types to achieve several projects associated with producing, handling and transforming and brings with or without an important sales team. It can help you to save time by handling information and automating projects using reporting software from Smart Manager.

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