What is Smart Manager

SmartManager is combination of a mobile and web portal application, that has been developed for Small and Medium Businesses to structure daily task assignment, track progress, monitor and optimize performance of the team on day to day basis. Once a task is completed, different performance parameters can be captured to see how the task was performed that depicts capability and efficiency of team member. SmartManager collates performance data and generate analytic for senior management to see over all organisation performance and take corrective actions. Application also help to monitor employee’s location anytime in office hours.


Key Features

Performance measurement of employees have never been easy for business owners, every one of us would like to see how their team is performing, not only on revenue, cost and profit but also on time, quality, customer satisfaction, communication, creativity, dependability etc. “Smart Manager” will help in structuring the task management, assignment to the team, status tracking and collect performance data of your team on daily basis and facilitate to provide you various analytics so that a right decision can be taken.

If you are a company that has a huge client base, then we suggest you employee performance evaluation software. We at Smart Manager offer the online system for daily business methods to check the status of business using the business performance management software.

The process we use and offer to our clients is the activity management software and report management software and tools. It is going one step further and implementing technological innovation to make your company, a controlled one and offering employee management software.

We at Smart Manager have multiple types of offers that helps client track the employees for a positive aspect to reward them well for all the contributions the make.

There are definitely benefits to buying resource management and planning app. Your efforts and presence can be monitored using our services and all your worker management systems from one source only. Buying this gives you a program and you never have to move staff details from one program to the other. All the details are in one software. We offer you benefits of tracking them during the office hours. You can also take details from any area of the staff member, such as efforts and presence, HRIS, pay-roll or candidate u are monitoring. This can really provide you with some power in getting problems settled and save you a lot of complications when things go incorrect in the company. We assure you a performance driven software.

Our Happy Clients

SmartManager a wonderful solution that helped us in structuring task assignment and provide easy way of handling team performance.

Jayaraj K.R.

Regional Manager – Technosteel
We are using SmartManager to support our road side assistance services, we allocate the task to our team, as soon as our client call us and we track our team’s location to ensure they are on service.

Hamza Safar

SmartManager facilitate in organising our project and task management activities across clients, also produce team performance reports when needed. A great solution for small business owners.

Manoj Vallath

Director – Tech9 Initiatives

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